What is ?

EntréInvest is an platform made for you, to connect with others from within the business world. Come in contact with startups, entrepreneurs, investors, influencers and mentors from around the world to network, boost, improve, finance or to begin your business or idea. This is the tool to get in contact, to collaborate, to start and to build up your network to make “it” happen.

We at EntréInvest wanted to create an shortcut, a faster way to connect with a specific group from within the business world. So we thought let’s make an platform that is purely focused and based on this specific group, what means that most users will be here with the same reason, profit.

Why would you choose EntréInvest well its simple we provide you with an platform where you can connect with startups, entrepreneurs, investors, influencers and mentors from around the world for nothing, it’s completely free.

Who is ?


Make your business bigger, improve it by getting in contact with startups, investors, entrepreneurs, mentors and influencers. Don't walk a path someone has already walked on, create your own. Network to increase. Come in contact to ask for support, feedback or to collaborate to make things happen.


Connect with startups, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. Get in touch with mentors and influencers. Boost, improve or start here by getting in contact with others. Get in contact with investors so you can finance your business or ideas. Communicate then collaborate to make “it” happen.


Find here businesses or ideas to invest in. Be part of your investment by getting to know the people behind your investment and help them create “it”. This is the place to network and make deals. Let startups and entrepreneurs pitch their idea to you and make it happen.

Mentors & Influencers

Be the key part for businesses by helping them grow with your view and your experience. Make connections and build up your network. Lead entrepreneurs and startups to the path of success with your vision. Create groups and give guidance all in one place. Spread your wisdom to make it happen.

Grow with .

The business world is growing bigger and faster by day, be a part of it. EntréInvest will be the tool to network, boost, improve, finance or to begin. Join us in our journey by filling in the input field so we know you are interested in our platform. Full registration will be available at launch. EntréInvest is a closed network, an account will be required.

“The things you want to achieve are the things you are going to achieve, it’s just a simple matter of having the right tools, being in the right environment and one of the most important ones, to surround yourself with the right people.” - EntréInvest